Andrea Buraschi

Imperial College London Business School

Chair in Finance

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Finance Department
53 Prince's Gate
Office 4.08
London SW7 2AZ
T: +44 (0) 7860 800590
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Professor Buraschi’s research interests are in the fields of Financial Economics, Asset Pricing and Derivatives, and Financial Econometrics and member of CEPR. Professor Buraschi has previously held positions at London Business School, The University of Chicago Booth School (visiting professor), and Columbia University (visiting professor).

He earned his PhD from The University of Chicago specializing in Financial Economics and Econometrics. His current research projects focus on five themes of finance:

  1. Differences in Beliefs and Economic Uncertainty;
  2. Fixed Income, Term Structure Modelling, and Monetary Policy;
  3. Hedge Funds;
  4. General Equilibrium, Networks, and Asset Pricing.
  5. Portfolio Management

His work has been published in the following journals The Journal of Finance, The Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Derivatives, European Financial Management and The Journal of Banking and Finance. He is an Associate Editor at Review of Finance, Journal of Management Science, European Financial Management Journal.

Professor Buraschi is the recipient of the following awards:


- 2014 Imperial College London - Top Overall Performing Faculty 2011-2014. 

- 2013 GARP Award for: "Monetary Policy and Treasury Risk Premia", with A. Carnelli and P. Whelan. (Best paper award in Financial Risk Management)

- 2012 NYSE Euronext Award for: "Dynamic Networks and Asset Prices", with P. Porchia. (Best paper award in Asset Pricing)

- 2010 Inquire Europe Award for: "No Place to Hide: Correlation Risk and the Cross-Section of Hedge Fund Returns", with Kosowski and Trojani.

- 2010 Q-Group Award for: "Macroeconomic Uncertainty, Difference in Beliefs and Bond RiskPremia", with P. Whelan.

- 2006 Inquire Europe Award for: "Correlation Risk and Optimal Portfolio Choice" with P. Porchia and F. Trojani.

- 1999 WFA Award (Best Paper in Investments) for: Inflation Risk Premia and the Expectations Hypothesis: Taylor Monetary Policy Rules in Equilibrium Models.

- Teacher of the Year Award (Innovation in Teaching) at London Business School and Imperial College London.


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Accepted for presentation at: WFA 2011; EFA 2011, AFA 2012, Federal Reserve Board of Governors; SAFE Conference on Advances in the Term Structure of Interest Rates, Verona; 14th SGF Swiss Conference in Zurich, ECB, Bank of England. Under Submission.
Winner of Q-Group Research Award 2010.
23. “Dynamic Networks and Asset Pricing”, with Paolo Porchia (2012). Winner NYSE-Euronext 2012 Prize.
Accepted for presentation at EFA 2012 (Copenhagen), AFA 2013 (San Diego).

24. “Monetary Policy and Treasury Risk Premia”, with Andrea Carnelli and Paul Whelan (2012). Accepted for presentation at: AFA 2013 (San Diego), Winner Garp Best Paper Award in Financial Nominated Risk Management.